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Team Everglades -

Here at the Everglades Trust, we often go from heartbroken, to outraged, to hell-bent, all in a single day. 

Manatees are dying in droves, rising sea levels threaten our drinking water, and polluters continue to harm not only the environment but the people who are unfortunate enough to get caught in their path. Like we said, we start the day heartbroken. 

But, like you, our heartbreak quickly turns into outrage, and by lunch time, we are back to hell-bent. 

We continue to fight - with new legislation in Congress, a determined South Florida Water Management Board, and followers like you who stay informed and engaged. We are happy to see that progress is happening, even if it must start with heartbreak. 

So don't feel discouraged, and stick with us!


Study finds Glyphosate in over half of all sampled Florida manatees | Center for Biological Diversity

A 10-year study from researchers at the University of Florida was just released. Their conclusions: Florida manatees are being chronically exposed to the active ingredient in Roundup. Why? Because the sugar industry wants their crop to ripen faster and the FWC wants to handle aquatic weeds on the cheap.


Angie Craig, Brian Mast champion Local Water Protection Act | Florida Daily

Critical bipartisan work in Congress – we love it: Last week, U.S.  Congressman Brian Mast (R-FL) backed U.S. Rep. Angie Craig’s (D-MN) "Local Water Protection Act." U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) and U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) are backing the legislation in the upper chamber.


Florida's only lead smelter exposed hundreds of workers to high lead levels | Tampa Bay Times

Polluters in our state write the rules and are often defended by the very people who swore an oath to protect us. This will end only when enough Floridians have had enough.


Big Sugar exposed in Netflix doc

“Exploited workers, altered ecosystems, political power plays. Behind the scenes, Big Sugar is anything but refined.” Watch this episode of the Netflix documentary series Rotten: A Sweat Deal.


Everglades Literacy Program ensures lifelong Everglades advocacy

One of the best things we can do for the Everglades is to ensure future generations have a deep appreciation for this remarkable watershed and ecosystem. To do this, the Everglades Foundation has developed the Everglades Literacy Program, training teachers and kiddos in more than 750 schools throughout Florida – K-12.


Dave Barry: Hiaasen’s retirement is good news for sleazeballs nationwide

“Carl Hiaasen is retiring. It’s good news for sleazeballs, charlatans, buffoons, blowhards and fools. It’s good news for the powerful, the pompous, the entitled, the smug and the slimy. It’s good news for those who view the Everglades as a useless swamp or look at mangroves and see only a bunch of smelly trees blocking the view. It’s good news for those people, but it’s bad news for Florida.”


We must all take action to save Florida's freshwater supplies | The Invading Sea

"As World Water Day approaches on March 22, we must take stock of the perilous state of freshwater supplies across our state due to the climate crisis."


Florida manatees are dying at an alarming rate. Contaminated canals are partially to blame | Miami Herald

From polluted and toxic discharges of Lake O water to both coasts of Florida, to agricultural runoff destroying our freshwater springs, to sewage spills from archaic municipal sewer systems, we are allowing the death of the very things that makes Florida special.


Underground flood wall approved for Las Palmas. Could Miami-Dade help with buyouts? | Miami Herald

We are making progress on the southern end of the Everglades. Kudos to the Governing Board and staff of the SFWMD for focusing on the most critical pieces of true Everglades restoration. 


Contact your legislators to tell them that YOU are an Everglades advocate!

Don't stay heartbroken -- take action! We make it easy. With this form, you will be letting your State Representative, State Senator, Congressman or Congresswoman, and both U.S. Senators know that you support Everglades restoration and you expect your priorities to be their priorities.


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